How To Choose A Career

Several available possibilities of Career in Science

In India, lacs of students appear in 10th & 12th Exams ever year. The most common problem they face after board exam is “How to choose a Career”.

To choose a best career for oneself students should do self-evaluation. One should understand his/her own field of interest, efficiency, strength & skills as career options are available in every field but students as well as their parents should be aware of them. Whichever career student is opting he/she must adopt its traits in day today life also. This means that while choosing the career student should have their own interest in that particular subject which they are opting as their career option.

While choosing a career initially students should be aware of all the available options they have. If students are not able to choose then they must discuss the same with their parents also.
Nowadays, most of the students are approaching Science subject as thier career because there are a lot career options in science stream. In Science steam students usually focus on Bio & Maths subject the most.
In Maths stream, students can go for Engineering, Designing, Research, Statistics, Basic Science, Fashion Technology, Railways, Architecture, Defense, Mass communication, Govt. jobs, Chartered Accountant, Law, Civil Services etc.
The main reason why students choose Maths science subject and go for engineering is the handsome package they get in many MNC for their posting in abroad. Students think that there are many opportunities in India and abroad, they can go for research in new fields and increase in use of technology has made it possible.



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