IIT placement season sees 1,500 job offers in the first two days

IITs said up to 25% more companies have registered with them for hiring their engineering and tech graduates


Campus hiring at Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT)got off to a sparkling start with companies placing 1,500 job offers in the first two days of the placement season, sending a positive signal across campuses.

IIT Kharagpur said it has received over 250 fresh job offers for its graduates since Saturday when the placement season started. This is over and above the 256 pre-placement offers (PPOs) its students bagged before the campus hiring started. PPOs are offered by companies based on the performance of students during internships. Along with PPOs, the offers have crossed 500, the IIT said.


Similarly, IIT Delhi and IIT Bombay students bagged over 250 jobs each in the first two days of the campus recruitment. This is apart from the PPOs their students bagged earlier. Also, IITs at Madras and Roorkee have received over 215 offers each. IITs at Kanpur and Guwahati too reported strong demand for their students from companies.


“In the last one and half days, we have received 310 confirmed jobs. The response is really good,” said Syam Nair, head of placement at IIT Kanpur. He said the IIT is seeing a good traction from core sector companies, and that technology firms like Intel, Microsoft, EXL, General Electric (GE) and Oyo Rooms were some of the lead recruiters at its campus. Intel alone has hired 30 candidates, Nair said.


At IIT Kharagpur, technology firm EXL and Intel were the lead recruiters with 35 and 29 offers each, while at IIT Roorkee, Microsoft offered the maximum of 31 offers including three international postings. IIT Roorkee said so far, the highest salary offered by domestic firms is ₹47 lakh per annum and the best international package was ₹1.5 crore per annum.


At IIT Bombay, the highest domestic salary was ₹45 lakh and in case of international offers, it was ₹1.1 crore on the very first day. “The number of offers whose salary is greater than ₹25 lakh per annum is more than last year, resulting in better opportunities for our students,” the IIT said in an email.


Consulting firms like McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, taxi aggregator Uber, tech majors Google and Qualcomm and financial companies like Goldman Sachs were top names across the campuses on the first two days.


IITs said up to 25% more companies have registered with them for hiring their engineering and tech graduates, Mint reported on 30 November, indicating a better hiring season ahead. Several IITs said from core engineering to new age jobs in artificial intelligence (AI), companies are showing greater interest in hiring than the previous year, and hoped to complete the placement process faster.

IIT Delhi has said that its students graduating in 2018-19 will be having ample choice during the campus placement as there are already over 500 job profiles. At least 350 firms have confirmed they will hire from IIT Delhi alone.

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