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Current Academic Programmes


Admission Procedure

Admission to the academic programmes of the Indian Statistical Institute is based strictly on the merit of the candidates as judged from their performance in appropriate admission tests and interviews. Their past academic records may also be taken into account for this purpose. The admission tests are held at a number of centres in India. The next section gives details of scope, eligibility criteria and selection procedures for the programmes offered. If at any stage of the selection process it is found that a candidate does not satisfy the eligibility conditions, his/her application will not be processed any further.

If a student is asked to discontinue from a programme for having failed or on any disciplinary ground, he/she is not eligible for readmission to the same programme.

Academic Programmes: Scope, Eligibility and Selection Procedure

Bachelor of Statistics (Honours) [B Stat (Hons)]

Scope This three-year degree programme offers comprehensive instruction in the theory, methods and application of Statistics, in addition to several areas of Mathematics and some basic areas of Computer Science. It also offers optional courses in some other subjects. It is so designed that, on successful completion, the students will be able to pursue higher studies in areas of Statistics and Mathematics, as well as Computer Science, Economics and allied fields, or take up careers as Statisticians in research institutions and scientific laboratories, government departments or industries. This programme is offered only at Kolkata.


In order to be eligible for admission to this programme, an applicant must have successfully completed 10+2 years of Higher Secondary Education (or its equivalent) with Mathematics and English as subjects.

Selection Procedure

All applicants for this programme, except the INMO AWARDEES (see next paragraph), will have to appear for two written tests comprising multiplechoice type and descriptive questions in Mathematics at the 10+2 level. Based on performance in the written tests, a number of candidates will be called for interviews.

The written test is waived for applicants who have been selected as INMO AWARDEES to participate in the International Mathematics Olympiad Training Camp (IMOTC) in the current year or in any previous year, based on their performance in the Indian National Mathematics Olympiad (INMO) conducted by the National Board of Higher Mathematics, Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India. Such candidates will be directly called for interviews. However, like all other candidates, such candidates are also required to apply in the prescribed application form for admission to the programme. Merely holding an INMO Certificate of Merit from Homi Bhaba Centre for Science Education (HBCSE) or clearing any Math Olympiad organised by any other organisation will not suffice for waiver of written tests for selection to the programme.

The final selection of candidates for admission to the programme is based on performance in the two written tests (unless waived) as well as the interviews. The final list of candidates selected for admission is announced after completion of all the interviews.

Bachelor of Mathematics (Honours) [B Math (Hons)]

Scope This three-year degree programme offers comprehensive instruction in basic Mathematics along with basic courses in Probability, Statistics, Computing and Physics. It is so designed that, on successful completion, the students will be able to pursue higher studies in the areas of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Mathematical Physics, etc., or take up a career in applications of Mathematics. This programme is offered only at Bengaluru.

Eligibility Same as B Stat (Hons) programme,

Selection Procedure Same as B Stat (Hons) programme.

Stipends, Fellowships and Allowances

All non-sponsored students and research fellows admitted to various programmes, except the Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Applications, receive stipends, fellowships and contingency/book grants as given below. Non-sponsored candidates are not required to pay any tuition fee for any of the programmes. Stipends are granted in the first instance for one semester/ academic year only. They are renewed periodically if the progress of the student is found satisfactory. Stipend/ Fellowship granted to a student may be reduced or completely withdrawn if the academic progress, attendance in class, or character and conduct of the student are not found satisfactory. Details of the rules pertaining to this are available in the appropriate Students’ Brochure. Students leaving in the middle of a course have to refund the stipend/contingency grant received, if any. At the end of each year/semester, prizes are also awarded for outstanding performance in examinations

Research Fellows with ME/ M Tech or equivalent will be entitled to enhanced junior and senior research fellowships.


Special Research Fellowships at enhanced rates may be awarded to outstanding candidates in each of the following subjects: (i) Statistics, (ii) Mathematics, (iii) Computer Science, (iv) Quantitative Economics, and (v) Quality, Reliability & Operations Research.

Submission of application Applications must be submitted by March 12, 2019. Last date of making payment is March 19, 2019.

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