Information about Services of a Scribe for PwD Candidates in JEE (Advanced) 2018



•The services of a scribe (amanuensis) are available only to those PwD
(Persons with Disability) candidates who are visually impaired, dyslexic,have disability in the upper limbs or have lost fingers / hands thereby preventing them to properly operate the Computer Based Test (CBT) platform. The PwD candidates who desire to avail the services of scribe need to opt for the same during the online registration of JEE (Advanced) 2018. PwD candidates permitted to use the services of a scribe will get one hour compensatory time i.e., end time will be 13:00 IST for Paper 1 and 18:00 IST for Paper 2.

• To avail the services of scribe, the candidate should request the Chairman, JEE (Advanced) 2018, of the respective zonal coordinating IIT in the prescribed format (FORM‐SCRIBE). The requisition, along with a copy of the PwD certificate (FORM‐PwD [II/III/IV, whichever is applicable]) OR a copy of the certificate of Dyslexic candidate (FORMS‐DYSLEXIC 1 and DYSLEXIC 2, whichever is applicable), should be uploaded at the time of
online registration for JEE (Advanced) 2018.

• Zonal coordinating IITs will make arrangements, through the Presiding
Officer (PO) of the Examination Centre, to provide a panel of scribes (amanuenses). Such Scribes will be students of Class XI from the science
stream with Mathematics as one of the subject. The PwD/dyslexic
candidate has to choose a scribe from this panel. The candidates will NOT
be allowed to bring their own scribes.

• The candidate will be allowed to meet the panel of scribe one day prior to
the examination i.e., on Saturday, 19 May 2018, in the presence of the IIT
Representatives (IRs), Presiding Officer (PO) and an Invigilator, and choose
her/his scribe.

• If it is found at any stage that a candidate has used the services of a
scribe, and consequently availed the benefit of one extra hour, but does
not possess the extent of disability that warrants the use of a scribe,
she/he will be excluded from the process of evaluation, ranking and
admission. In case such a candidate has already been admitted to any IIT,
her/his admission will be cancelled.

The formats for the request letter and PwD/Dyslexic certificate are
available and can be downloaded from the website

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