Last Mile Important Tips for JEE Main-2019 Exam

With just a few days left for the JEE Main-2019 exam some tips for JEE (Main)-2019 aspirants to boost up their preparation. During this time, students should emphasise on positive thinking and health. Students should always study with a positive mind and take proper diet. Happiness is the key to success, so remain happy while studying.

Important Tips For JEE Main-2019 Exam

📌 Revision is extremely important.

📌 Go through the subject-wise key points that you’ve prepared during the year.

📌 Carefully revise what you’ve learnt during the year.

📌 Try strengthening the stronger subject topics.

📌 Do not overeat before the main exam, take proper care of yourself.

📌 Take at least 6-7 hours of sleep, a night before the exam. Parents and Guardians should motivate their children, provide them with a healthy and lively environment.

📌 Keep yourself mentally fit and revise all the mistakes that you usually make.

📌 Do not let fear overcome you, believe in yourself and your preparation.

During the exam

📌 Read the question paper with static memory and knowledge.

📌 Solve the easy questions first with patience and stay calm. This will build your confidence and will enable you to tackle difficult questions.

📌 Do not waste your time on the questions you are not sure about. This will help in time management.

📌 Do not waste your time calculating the marks. This can lead to tension and stress due to which you will not be able to focus on your subjects properly

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